Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Penantian ku berakhir sudah..

Alhamdulilah setelah 3 tahun penantian... Sujud dan syukur aku disahkan mengandung 12 minggu..
Gembira? Tuhan saja yang tahu, setelah puas berendam air mata, menahan tohmahan, kejian, dan kesedihan yg tak tlupa dtg dgn stress yg sgt azab...
Sepanjang ni lah, mabuk tgh teruk, maha azab, aku anggap semuanya satu dugaan, dan sakit itu penghapus dosa.. Semoga anak yang ku kandung ini, lahir dlm keadaan yg sempurna sihat zahir dan batinnya.. Walaupun.. Stress yg dtg waktu mengandung lebih azab dr segalanya.. Terima kasih pd yang banyak membantu dan memahami especially Mr.Hubby, and adikku, family and in laws help me going thru the emotional roller coaster.. I can be irrational most of the time and yes, life isn't a bed of roses.. I felt the thorn pinched and hit my pricking skins..
I have been craving for a lot of sour food, and thank you for those around me, who's been nothing but supportive and treats me nothing but A-Princess-like... I have all I ever wanted in life.. The month of may and june brought a lot of tearful joy to me, I celebrated my 25th birthday, celebrated my 3rd year wedding anniversary and pregnant with a baby... All I ever wanted in live is in front of me to celebrate and be thankful for..

To my beloved husband... Thank u for being there to rub my back when I'm at my worst sickness and being there to tuck me in bed, till I fell asleep.. I can never be alive without u by my side, even going thru this first trimester with lotsa puke that I knew, u couldn't bare seeing me suffer.. Thank u for still loving me for all my weaknesses and my lack of virtue as a wife.. I know I needed to learn more..coz I needed u more then u could ever imagined..
I'm looking forward to being a mom, and I knew u can't wait to be a papa yourself.. And my ever hopeful wish that this child will tie us forever till death do us apart...Aminnn...InsyaAllah..

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Liana Manan said...

Alhamdulillah... just found your blog. i am happy for you. also sad on your miscarriage last time, but takpe le... baby tu akan tunggu parents dia kat syurga nanti kan? just be thankful k :]
take care... may you strong throughout your pregnancy. good luck!

angahida said...

tahniah..i jln2 kat web then jumpe ur blog..jage diri baik2..smg u and baby sihat..

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