Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dilanda kebusy-an dan kemalasan berganda!!

Owh lamanya tak hapdet.. Sy sedang sgt busy dengan buai-buaian laju-laju saya..
Alhamdulilah, sejak kebelakangan ni buaian sangat mendapat sambutan.. Rezeki setelah mendapat cahaya mata ni berlipat-lipat ganda.. Murah rezeki anak ku.. Despite, auni selalu kena tinggal dgn atok and wan bila mummy on the job.. She sometimes a bit manja bila mummy stayback..

Lama tak hapdet, last weeks 15th, December, cukup la umur auni my little anak dara 1tahun. Yes we had a well planed party, mummy asik plan party and events org lain jer.. Bila dh ada anak, mummy gets to plan on my auni's party. Its a small birthday party + aqiqah, attended by family and friends. Remembering that auni hasn't yet got her aqiqah, so we decided to do it both the same time.. It is such a joyful events as nenek+atuk is back from Doha to celebrate auni's birthday. Thank u atuk and nenek for the time and effort in preparing for auni's party. Not to forget atok and wan and the rest of my in-laws for being part of the event.

Such a joy bringing up my little precious girl. She has taught me a lot about appreciating life and things in live. She taught me to be reserved and patience, and the utmost gift she taught me is to be a mum.
She brought tears of happiness and joy to us. Good things does comes in small packages.

Will update soon with the auni's birthday bash! Gotta run! Lotsa meeting and greeting to be done! Happy new year folks!!

Lotsa love from
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