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A Short Holiday Retreat to Cameron Highlands....


A Short Holiday Retreat to Cameron Highland.
These impromptu trip really took me by suprised, as I haven't really thought of having a short holiday anywhere. After along hard thought (I'll be bluffing if I say long, it was a really quick decision), I took the advantage of the modern technology, call arround for the best, available accomodation in Cameron. After searching hi-and low's , well fyi, its the highland we're talking here. Hahahah.. and without a confirmed bookings, even a reservations to any hotels, we jump to excitement of being on vacation, actually I was jumping like a curious monkey, my other half always a hold back, he wasn't really the kind who shows too much emotions.
So, we were away for 3 days, starting off the journey at 8am Saturday the 23rd of January,  waking up early in the morning, getting ready for the treat awaits for us. This is gonna be one long sweet rides.
I love the watching the sun rise.. Its makes me calm somehow.. Beautiful morning to begin a great vacation.
We took the Guthrie expressway, from our love nest, Sungai Buloh, and begin the journey..traffic was smooth, as it is still very early on a Saturday morning. Probably most are still on bed, enjoying the day off for some, and running the usual chores.

 The journey on the North - South Expressway, PLUS, took about 2 and a half hours drive, at arround 10.15am, we reached Tapah, and make our way to the exit . Cameron as we know, is in the State of Pahang, located at north-western corner of the state, on  a stretch of Banjaran Titiwangsa. I'm glad that I still remembered where it is located, thank god for geography subjects.
The view,  on the way to the Highlands. Lata Iskandar , gorgeous and untouched water falls.

Finally, we arrived at Cameron Highlands.. We mada a quick stop at Bharat Tea Valley, before reaching Tanah Rata.

 Made a quick stop to ease some winding roads nausea.. someone's got car sick!

The time we spent at Bharat Tea Valley (at the parking bay to be exact), getting car sick out of the system and hoping that I could start enjoying the holiday took atleast an hour, but don't you see the view? Its just breath-taking... it took away my car sickness on winding road  and instantly feel the cool breezy air of the highlands. Once the sickness is gone, we made our way to Tanah Rata, where hubby has already put his mind to. We stroll arround the area, inspect most of the hotel,motel, range of accomodations, from star rated hotel to budgets inn's and the down-to-earth homey people who run their own joints.

 So, this is where we stay, The Cameronian Inn. It's hubby's choice. I asked him, why and the simplest answer he could give me was, "the place is cosy and  homey, plus I like the idea of being in a cosy surroundings".... Well, it is the best choice, I couldn't agree more, considering the conditions of other places that we inspected, the view we expected for a getaways,......we couldn't have asked for more. A nice cosy bed, with an attached bathroom inside, water heaters for shower, and a nice clean bathroom. Yup, you heard me right, the things I appreciate after being abroad is a w/c.. good, clean bathroom and toilets.

The lady that run the joints, are a friendly woman according to hubby, as I didn't really get the chance to asked, mind me for that ,as I am still very much drowsy and 'feeling a hung over' with the winding road. Got our room keys , and checked in to the room and thought, I might call it a day... we had good nap.. or shall I call it a 'good sleep'?

Haha, yup... we reached the Inn at arround lunch, and we slept thru then finally up arround 6-7pm  when its nearly dark. It must have been the journey, up the winding road , through the enchanted forest, hours of driving, trails of the 'Asli ' along the way, but worth every seconds of it, once you reached the highlands, especially  looking out at the sceneries...everything else seems forgotten and it is all behind us now.

 At least that's how I feel..after all, we have been longing for a road trip and a short getaways to be together. Our hectic schedule has somehow, create some tension in the relationships, and I always believe, being away from our normal routines would help us rebond, and put our work and problems asides, while enjoying the company of each other....

Waking up a little late than usual, has taken the told to our tummy, so we head down to town in search of local delicacies. A good thing about traveling in your own country, is that food is not a problem, which is a relieved....

      Town Centre view, we are ready to rock and roll!  
  We had an awesome lunch + tea +dinner. The food was delicious and most of the ingredients are locally produced. It is a great thing to know where your food actually comes from, not god-knows-where. It such a rewarding experinced to taste something from your own back yard and call it our own. I remembered the time abroad, when I was studying in 'the iwi land, aeoteroa (New Zealand), I am impressed of their pride  in keeping local produced and the interest of making it a priority. Shouldn't we learnt and practise something good from abroad? LEARNING IS A NEVER ENDING PROCESS.

Photo: Hubby had his time at reflexology.

This photo,is a must-tell. Hubby has mentioned a couple of times, of his restless and aching muscles, working with airport operations, I can understand the stress he was, and the hours he spent on his feet, the hectic rosters that he juggles between 2 jobs and the pressure that comes with it. It didn't come to our mind to have couples reflexology package, and yess, they did have it , and we get discounts! Don't you just love bargains?!
Hubby enjoys his time at the reflexology and a great chat with his man reflexologist! Yes! Man reflexologist for man. I enjoyed mine as much.

Then we make our way to Brinchang, Brinchang is another town in Cameron Highlands and took about 7minutes drive from Tanah Rata Town centre.. its Saturday night and the attractions would be the night farmers market. Loving it!

His happy face.Yeah,.... you felt better after the massage and reflexology.
Funny, yet impressed at the same time.
A Quick stop on the way to Brinchang. Capturing Christmas Decoration that previously done.


Strawberry's dipped in Chocolate is yummy!

Most stuff at Brinchang are local produces and a variety of local cooked food, souvenirs (key chains, fridge magnets, etc) and plenty of stuff to take home if it suits your taste. I like the walk...a long stroll arround the market in the breezy night. Enjoyed the breathe of fresh air and few bargains along the way.

Day Two, 24th January 2010.

Begins day two, a little late than we should, the sun has already above us. I have to admit, I enjoy sleeping in and the ideal holiday is rest as much and take it nice and slow... there's no point rushing here and there, as it's no holiday if we run the same routine like we always do..where's the fun?
So we start off the visit  to Cactus Point, a cactus seller. A nice view from the roadside, a large warehouse full of plants, seeds, sourvenirs and some local produce. We didn't get anything for us, as we've always been a budget travellers(me and hubby while abroad) and I personally go places and do visits as per customs. I mostly enjoyed the sightseeing. Yeah, its not everyday you can breathe the same air, and everyday won't be the same day as holiday.

Cactus Point, Brinchang.
 Plenty to choose from.

Is it this one?


Or maybe this? Except for the guy in purple shirt, he's taken.

After a quicke stroll, we made our way to The Tea Farm. Boh Tea Farm, is more likely. The view to Boh Tea Farm is amazing, it still have the touch of colonial history in place and the view is incredible as it was on tv. But the set back on this visit, as it was pouring  and the picture perfect imagination that I remembers never really met the expectations. But hey, who can predict weather's?  Though raining, we enjoyed the time indoors. The view still stunning and there's a great cup a tea waiting in the cafe. I never say no to a treat, been longing for a home made scones but, didn't manage to grab one, as its all selling like hot cakes.

Boh Tea Farm. Sungai Palas, Tea Valley.

Cup of tea
Hot chocolate cake
Strawberry ice-cream cake.
"you made my day".........



Next on the menu is.....
Bee Farm.
Yup.. everything is sweet here isn't it?
Bee Farm located outside, in the main road on the right corner just before taking a left turn to Sungai Palas, Tea Valley. 
 In general, these Bee Farm provide tourist with a free visit to farm which is the main activity here other than  retails of gifts, novelty items and souvenirs.
It took me a while to elaborate this part of the visit, I don't really have the reasons why..  a picture worth a thousand words, so let's enjoy the picture and hopefully tell its story..,

And more visits.. and more sweetness to come. told you it is gonna be sweet..

Pick Your Own Strawberry.

This is located near to the Bee Farm, about 50 metres away from Bee Farm still in Sungai Palas area. 
Would you look at that yummy-licious or what?

Who is this model and what does she had to do with this visit at strawberry park?
Yeah, I asked  myself the same question, well .. please mind hubby, he has weird perspective on things and he has fascinations on things that don't need any explainations especially with cute-white-blonde.
"Don't worry baby, I am very open".... with a long sigh...
If the lady on this pics, did see this post..I'm noting that the photo are not intended for any harm, for usage of /or any explicit content.

And that's how we spent our Sunday, at the peak of  refreshing highlands. But it doesn't end there just yet. We made a stop at ....

Kea Farm.

Kea Farm , Is a-must-stop-shopping area, this is a daily-farmers-market with vibrant variety of produce, locally grown vegetables, flowers, potted plants and pre-packed food and not forgetting souvernir shops and street food along with cafe's to facilitate visitors to the area.

It catches my attention when walking along the pedestarian at Kea Farm,not far from Sungai Palas that I saw Asparagus, yes, it sounds funny to some of you, because I never knew Asparagus could actually be grown in the highlands. I only learn the existance of asparagus when I was abroad, and asparagus are abundant in a four seasons country, but seriously in Cameron Highlands? Darn impressed!

It is not considered 'Malaysian' or 'Shopping' if it doesn't involve bargains.  So we grab ourselves a bargain, a thing or two, and had late luncheons at the local cafe. It was pouring heavily when we arrived, spent couple of hours at the cafe and I enjoyed looking at the pouring rain while having my meal.. funny how it has such cooling effect to my tummy..hahah.

Yes, look at that one happy lady, enjoying her strawberry ice-cream potong!

Mind that irritated-long-face lady... she's just tired.


And that's how the Sunday ended. We didn't really get a good chances to see more as it was raining, and we were about ready to call it the day although its only 6pm in the evening. Head back to the inn and guess what, we sleep in like we were on sleeping pills and got up arround 12 midnight, that's only because our tummy starts playing an empty songs. We got up, cleaned up and away for a search of dinner + supper only, if we are lucky to find one, at the hours. After searching arround in Tanah Rata came to dissapointment, we head our way to Brinchang, well with a finger's crossed and the luck definitely on our side. After searching high and low's (its the higland we're talking here peeps!) finally......
I remembered a qoutes...(just to fill the moments)
'Hungry people is angry people'
so, never go to bed with a hungry tummy, do it, like we did!

A seafood joints is still open, at the heart of Brinchang, a restaurant named after a man..malay man to be exact because, I happend to have short term memory loss at the moment to recall the name of the restaurant. The surrounded area are almost, already asleep when we orded our dinner/supper, only a couple of food joints still open for business and some hotels that are operating 24hours.
 Back at the Inn , after a good dinner/supper meal, we jumped to bed with full tummy and a plesant feelings after hustling and bustling the whole day. We share some funny thoughts and burst into laughters, while enjoying the air mists from the window, it was breezy, cool and soothing.. it didn't take long until we fell asleep at each others arms and call it the night. I loved that feeling!

The next morning,
Final Day, 25th January, 2010.. The end of the Short trip.

We head back to kea farm and make our final shoppings as well as saying farewell to The Highlands, before continuing the long winding (here we goes again) journey back to place, we call home.
Kea Farm View.

Yerp! Yellow Sweet Corn!

 Charming petals.... if only I didn't work so much with flowers.. I would have spend a dozens on those..


    A quick stop for a snapshot!

Start the journey from Cameron Highlands back home arround 4.30pm , we had a quick stop here and there along the way. The heat of afternoon sun really strikes us on the way down the highlands, making my eyes tired and soaring. Arrived safely at home arround 10.00pm at night and did a light unpacking on the suitcases and rested in bed again. Finally, Home Sweet Home.

Cameron Highlands definitely has charmed us with its abundance of cool tropical memory, a beauty behind miles of forestations, a colonial architecture trails and peaceful ambience that it steals our hearts to come back for more.


Justs A Thought...
Being in Cameron Highland, everywhere you turns, would actually be a pleasant view of plantations and lots and lots of beds of seeds and local produce. Where am I going with this? Yes, I quickly realised that most of produce goods that I consumed in the market at the low lands like brocolies, carrots, cabbages, onions, potatoes, tomatoes , garlics, ginger, chilies, even strawberry's or Tamarillos (the locals call it 'Buah Cinta' - fruit of love, I called it Tamarillos, as I first learnt making my first salsa with these fruit in NZ) are mostly imported goods from RPC (Republic People of China) , Australia , India, Thailand and many more countries that I didn't really care to name.

My concerns is, where does all these local produce go? Yes, some are/were sent to the lowlands to meet the demands, some are consumed within the surrounding areas and some better qualities get exported for Overseas market. Yet,  most of these good stuff that's hard to find in lowlands, are actually here in our own country, our own backyard. I wonder why most of our major chained supermarkets and stores in Malaysia, locally owned or foreign franchised being a marketing of the 'imported goods' when we have our own  proud, locally grown produce?

We explore, travel and fascinated of the foreign lands, in search of adventure and the eagerness of experienced to call ourself ' A wise traveller' .... and yet we have forgotten to see our own backyard. Weird...? but indeed true.

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