Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My birthday is here... Soon..

Another years goes by, yet in couple of days, I will add another numbers to my age.. I am getting older, and hopefully wiser..
Being both joyous and overwhelmed.. This is my first year being mum.. Yes.. my little precious daughter is my joy.. She is the reason for me to wake up in the morning.. I love her to bits..
I wish for prosperity, health and wealth endeavour.. Aside from that I created myself a so called wish-list.. Hahahahahah I'm so wishful.. Owh well, I've only got my birthday to have a wish-list, so why not...

My 2* birthday wish list..**lets keep the numbers secret.. *winks*

i- I hope I can save more this year, hoping to changing bits by bits, making some financial adjustment here and there and hopefully generate more income..from a clean, halal sources.. After all, I'm only trying to earn and make an honest living.. Coz believe me karma's a bitch, it'll bite you..
ii- I would die for a new designer handbag, the last designer handbag I got was few years bag, yes I haven't spend much on myself and doing all the splurge for my little girls stuff for awhile.. My last designer bag was given to me last year, thanks to mum n dad.. If anyone, hahahaha wants to gimme a handbag as birthday gift, please feel free to do so, fyi I love brown and beige! Akakakakkaak!
iii- a nice dinner treat/ a breakfast in bed... Whoa, that's just awesome!! No cooking for one day!!
iv- spa, manicure, pedicure retreat... A massage maybe.. A day to pamper myself.. This mind, body and soul needs holiday aside from a physical holiday itself..
v- the last but certainly not least.. I just want a day away from hassle.. Only on the day of my birthday I wish a bird song on my ears and only the sound of breeze... Hahaha.. I am wishful...

Yet, for all the wishlist I wish I could write up, and hoping this and that.. I just wish a heart warming birthday wishes for people I loved, or sing me a birthday song or a song rhymes goes like 'cause you're amazing, just the way you are'.... *Laughing out loud and rolling on the floor*

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saya said...

ooo... happy birthday!!!!

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