Monday, November 23, 2009


A letter to someone who is intolerable .... irresponsible...


It's 5 am in the morning and I am awaken by a disturbing smell of electrical sparks on the main switch board when you decided to take a bath with a water heater and having coffee at the same time.. Thats the time you decided to switch on both water heater at the same time.. You have cause me awaken of those smell that still lingers arround the house and makes me sleepless of my own fears that, the switch board will likely might sparks again and causes fire and might take my live while I'm freakking asleep.

I know my inferiority might sound ridiculous to you, but you are even ridiculous to even start with .. You have been advised thousand times before that heaters are not meant to be switch on together at the same time.FYI, the house is too freaking old to handle technologies in the household!!! But yeah, you are wise enough to turn both on and how stupid are you to even in deffence of yourself telling that you are half awake... DEFFENCELESS ....
That is just unacceptable excuse from you again... but let me tell you this,... only an idiot will do such things that might causes someone their live... So the next time you flick your fingers on a switch, think again... because it might cause someone lives.. if it just yours, then turn it on.. if it someone else... please think.. because idiotic, stupid, selfish behaviour like yours might kill someone, SERIOUSLY! and am sure you don't wanna commit that crime!!!!
And now look what you did to me? I am freaking awake and sleepless all thanks to your stupid judgement! I am grumpy , drowsy and badly needed a sleep and you know my medication says so! Why on earth must you so irresponsible?!!! And where is your smarty-pants-brainy that always have answers to all my questions when its not needed??? Suddenly it GONE SLEEPING HUH????
Finally, thanks for making me feel unsafe to sleep at my own bed!!

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