Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poo-poo dance!

Yay! Finally auni poop..late afternoon.. After a long waits.. She did her thing.. Mummy was so happy.. I was even doing a poo-poo dance!! Auni makes a poo-poo.. Yikes!!

Funny how a child makes a poop and it become such a big thing for mummy.. Seriously.. Mummy needs to chill..

As of the series of events where auni isn't doing her poop..I swore to myself, to stop taking any caffeinated drinks, and so on..as well as to start eating well, as a precaution.. And reminder.. I'm not eating for myself anymore.. Yes, motherhood teaches you to be selfless.. Taking care of myself, means I'm taking care of others especially my precious auni..

Yeah, I've heard that breast feeding could help loose babies weight.. But, I've seen no number declining since the last time I step on a scale.. Maybe I need a little more time ..and a little bit more patience.. Hoping so hard the numbers will go down..let's not give mummy a hard time.. She needs a break..go mess someone else's head, ok?

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