Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mummy blues..

It has been couple of days since the last time auni actually making a poops.. It has got me worried sick of the facts..she has difficulty passing winds and motions..
Although the uneasy feeling with the windy tummy, auni still laugh and coo a lot, unlike any babies of her age.. She doesn't fuss around or even whine.. I know she's a great fighter like mummy.. Sigh..

If only there is a handy book how to care for a baby.. I know I would have one.. But.. If only there is.. It'll remain 'if'.. How I wish baby comes with a manual.. Or 'A Dummy Guide to Your Baby'... That also will remain a wish.. Coz there's none..

So, after google-ing and searching on the net, I found out that gripe water is good to ease wind on baby.. I shall try that.. And in the mean time.. I'm gonna have her visit the doctor in the morning.. I need to ease away my worry..

I'm sure I'm not the only one in this.. I know there are mommies out there who experience the similar problems.. I'm sure I'm entitled to be worry, anxious, and nervous about it.. I suppose, coz I'm a first time mummy.. should I join a forum and what not..?? Being a mummy 'mommies' and alike..?!

I'm so thankful to have her.. She's like a light at the end of the tunnel.. It only came clear to me.. All I did, and all I work for is none other but for her.. All this time.. She is the only thing that makes me complete.. When the day gets worst.. When everyone is against you.. And your mind and body just doesn't do any justice for you.. And when you look straight to a baby's eyes and she smiled.. All gums grin. It just melts your heart away.. I know.. coz I've been there.. It takes all the pain away.. It is true, the first genuine smile, beaming, toothless smile is a heartwarming milestone in parenting.

Thanks Allah, for the love and blessings.. Auni has filled the gap and emptiness, she fix our bonding that nearly turn sour..she means the world to me.. I never thought I could love someone so dearly.. And become overprotective.. Will die for someone..or even fight for anyone.. How I wish every women will feel the same and experience it.. A taste of a little piece of heaven..

But, its a shame a lot of babies been thrown away at a garbage bins, on a drain and filthy toilets.. I would call this kind- animal.. Shame on you!

Ok, sorry let's not get carried away.. Many thanks to all readers, who wishes auni a healthy and well thoughts..
Prayer and a special thoughts for all the wonderful women out there..especially mums.. An extraordinary human being that brought us to the world..

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