Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lemon Salmon with potato avodaco and olive...


Yup today's entry is my cooking frenzy that suddenly hit me.. and last few days baru beli dari my cousin a.k.a ammiplusone. So today's menu... is lemon salmon.. avocado and potato sides with olives... white cream cheese.. taste is yummy .. Here's how to prepare'em..

Lemon salmon with potato avocado and olives sides

Prepare the fish. Cut them to nice steak slice. Season with salt and pepper.don't forget a squeeze of lemon..and then pan fry them in a hot pan with olive oil... skin side down.. make em crispy then turn the other way.

while pan fry-ing the salmon.. prepare the sides.. like boiling salad size potato in hot boiling water untel they're soft and tender. then cut then in halves. potato is best with skin on.

crush some garlic, squeeze some lemon about 1/4 cup, grated lemon skin , dice your avocado's to cubes,
After the salmon is pan fried. heat a pan on a medium heat and gently fry the garlic and put halves potatoes and grated lemon. the idea is to get the lemon fragrance in the dish. and finally the squeeze lemon. take the pan off the heat and put olives. season with salt and pepper, and then serve with the dressings of your choice. my choice is white cream cheese. its just a mixture of thick cream boil to medium heat till reduced and added some grated cheese (sliced cheese would do) and season with salt and pepper. taste is yummy!

The Result

A Well Deserving Dinner for the Chef....

*** please mind the clarity of the picture, its taken with my useful 2.0MP phone**

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