Tuesday, June 23, 2009

25 f@cts about ME!

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  1. I love eating, being depressed and alone driven to suffocating into foods.
  2. Am very the homey and family type. Love staying home, love families extended family, aunties, uncles, cousins..
  3. Love hubby to bits..I LOVE U BBY ! Muaaaahhh!`~~
  4. Married to Amirullah Khalid, till death do us apart..
  5. The first child from 2 siblings..
  6. Looking forward to have Mr&Mrs Amir's JUNIOR..
  7. Had spent some wonderful time in New Zealand... and got married.. Fabulous memories...
  8. I fight for my rights.. i don't take people's crap and deal with it.. Sorry I'm not your punching bag, used to be But not anymore..
  9. Hate people who talks without thinking and then showing their stupidity... I take things very seriously especially when it involves communicating and conversation ..Every action have consequences..
  10. I believe communication is two way...
  11. I show sympathy its hard being empathy... not very good at being one..
  12. Nak kaya.. keep asking myself the same question everyday.. "bila aku nak kaya?"
  13. I was a mess... I clean up the act now...
  14. Likes gossips... but hates being the subject..
  15. Loves spending.. but always get frustrated with the budgets..
  16. Am starting collecting fridge magnets...
  17. Loves shoes...
  18. Always believes in karma.. 'what you give is what you get returned'.
  19. Do NOT mess with me... you do not wanna see me mad...
  20. Loves Shrek..although he's green..
  21. Lives should be plain just like black and white, it gets complicated when people just mix them together,...
  22. Loves camping, and being outdoor...
  23. Gain lots of weight the first year of married life..
  24. Desperate to loose 20 kilos...
  25. Happy with things I had in life and impossible to live without any of it..

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