Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Husband for SALE!!!


Yes.. u got that right, husband for sale...

Qualities: good looking, soft spoken, hard working, don't speak too much .. eats regularly..

Criteria looking for : can cook... not-a-nagger (he hates it),

You guys would probably wonder, what the hell am I doing.. right? wrong! im terribly depressed now... I am not a nagging wife that much.. or not even speak that much when i was single.. but since i became a wife.. nagging has become my second nature..

I am so mad... yesterday talked to hubby about this girl.. that used to be my school mate.. we were close up untill high scholl where we started going thru separate ways..

Suddenly couple of days ago, this girl kan hantar message kat my facebook.. after 12 years dissapearance.. asking me

" hey zai ari tuh aku nampak husband ko kat klia, terkejut aku nampak husband ko..ko dah tak duk nz lagi ker?"

ok it doesn't sound awkward to me ok.. tp persoalannya...

kenapa selepas 12 tahun, she never talked to me, suddenly she send msg to me telling she was shocked to see my hubby?

She never really knew whom i was married to, how does she pressume that it was my hubby?

or was she following my stories all this while??

And why does she need to send a msg without first asking how i was... after all she was supposed to have that courtesy to do that... i mean not jump straight away asking about someone's husband! do'uh!

I know that im not supposed to sound corky... but. instead.. i am very much disgusted with all this hanky panky... bosan tau...

Another part of these incident was.. when i told hubby.. and he seems to be on that girl side, saying maybe she has changed.. she suddenly wanna be friends...(ala.. yg nih aku tak bleh bla .. laki aku nih sentiasa baik anggap dgn org.. tuh yg sanggup bergaduh dgn aku nak menegakkan keadilan utk pompuan2 kat luar!!!!!!!!!!!!! gerammmmmmmmmm!!!!)

To. Hubby,

I am tired being so depressed like this... I love you to bits.. but, i need u to understand how i feel.. i let go of everything in my whole life for u.. why won't u do the same for me... I am disgusted with this awkward feeling all the time.. I dunno what i've done is right, or what i've done is wrong... Our marriage meant a lot to me.. but not with always on someone else's side, instead of mine..

I need u to always be on my side.. For richer and poorer.. For ups and the downs... For the better of for the worst... and In health and sickness... That is our vow....

But up untill now... i see no sign of the vows u take... and the promises you made .

Maybe we have to dig down.. deep deeper down... just to find the true you.. just like you were when we were both lovers , dream of a life together.. now that we have it.. we ditch them.. deep to the ground... Where words left unspoken... and Things left undone..


za_planet said...

ko 0k ketak???????????gile la... che sengg!!

alinamir said...

tak ok.. aku tgh menggong + meroyan + gilos

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